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Dear Friends of CHI Christian Hotels International

We are sending you this newsletter to inform you of the Association‘s activities during the past 12 months.
The Association currently consists of 6 permanent members: 
Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Norway

We are also affiliated with some hotels in other countries, both European and world-wide.  These can be found on our website or in the CHI directory.  Also, some locations in Denmark will be added to  the website shortly.
Representatives meet annually, in late fall.  The most recent meeting took place at the Kolpinghaus in Salzburg on November 11, 2015.

Our goals are:
- To represent the Association as a whole, to the marketplace
- To develop a consistent marketing platform across the Association
- To encourage contact and sharing of best practices among members

Last year we introduced a re-designed website:

This enables individual hotels to upload information about their locations, within the shared website.  Individual members must ensure their information is always up to date, in order to achieve the best results from this tool.
For support with maintaining website information, the Co-Presidents are at your disposal.  (see contact information at the end of this newletter)
A brochure was developed and copies distributed to each member for use in their local area.  This brochure is also given out at the conferences, to potential customers.

The Association was represented at Church Congress, in Stuttgart, in June 2015.  Dieter Kumpers, VCH Germany, and Cornelia Fluckiger, VCH Switzerland, manned the booth at the conference to promote the Association.

Our next opportunity to promote the Association is during Kirchentag, in Berlin, May 24 to 28, 2017.  We would like to have representatives from each member country at the event, in order to maximize this marketing opportunity.  Please let us know what ideas you have for promotion of our Association at this event.  We look forward to your responses before the end of this year.
The next General Meeting of the Association is scheduled for November 7 and 8, 2016, in Aalborg.  We will be pleased to welcome representatives from all member countries at that time.

Please contact either of us, at any time, for more information or with your ideas for promoting our Association.

With kind regards,

Dieter Kümpers,
Cornelia Flückiger, 

May 2016