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The farm is the perfect option for a conference or a camp. It has excellent conference and meeting halls, and optional overnight stay in a dormitory. The farm has large open grass area surrounded by spruce and beech. Volleyball court, soccer field, playground and a cooperative course with ten stations there. Bosarpasjön with bath and miniature golf are within walking distance.

is the perfect option for a conference, a camp, or just a lovely outdoor activities. The farm is located between Asphult and Bosarpasjön ca. 8 kilometers from Linderödsåsen. It has excellent conference and meeting halls with a view of the Skåne woods and overnight accommodation in dormitories. The farm has a large plot with open lawns surrounded by spruce and beech.
The area has great opportunities for outdoor activities, including volleyball court, football field, sandpit and swings. Cooperation course is a fun way to increase cohesion in groups. Why not take a walk in the fresh air on one of the trails in the forest, or follow the picturesque road down to Bosarpasjön, one of Sweden's cleanest lakes. In the evenings you can have a good time in one of the assembly halls, perhaps with a song on the piano, or just have a quiet moment outdoors under the stars.
For those who want to get away from city life and still not go to the North Pole is Bosarp the given option. Here is everything that does just hold your meeting or camp to a cozy and pleasant experience. Welcome to Bosarp Camp and Training Center!

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